NASA MUST (Recruitment Video)

MMG was approached in the Spring of 2009 to create a Recruitment video for the NASA Motviating Undergraduates in Science and Technology (MUST) program.


MMG set out to find a suitable concept that would simultaneously appeal to funders and prospective students. This proved to be very challenging since MMG had to create a product that would give the kind of stoic detail that funders come to expect from promotional material and at the same time keeping in mind the attention span of the targeted demographic. After detailed research of the program MMG presented 2 different concepts to the project manager. Concept including a MUST student’s giving their perspective was selected. This concept required a host to perform all the interviews as well as between spots to tie the all the pieces together. MMG conducted talent search and Brandi Proctor was selected for the roll.


Production phase included interviews and b-roll recording of 5 different MUST students at the NASA’s Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston, TX. MMG staff coordinated with NASA and was able to get necessary security clearance to record students at various locations normally closed to public. All footage was recorded in HD format with multiple Panasonic HV 200 cameras directly onto P2 Media cards.


Footage was properly digitized and tagged and original script was followed to complete the final product. After 2 rounds of edits final product has been submitted to NASA and published on DVDs.

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