NASA Training Videos

“Your Letter of Recommendation” and “Recognizing Your Leadership Potential” are the latest installations in a series of MMG-produced NASA training videos.

Meesha Media Group produced two videos for NASA’s One Stop Shop Initiative, which supports the STEM workforce and encourages students to apply to various opportunities. Completed in just two months and produced with our signature video production process, we follow the main character, undergraduate student McKenzie Cooper.

In “Your Letter of Recommendation,” a Meesha Media Group produced video for the broker facilitator AIHEC, and NASA’s One Stop Shop Initiative, McKenzie goes through the process of completing her NASA internship application.

In the second video, “Recognizing Your Leadership Potential,” we follow McKenzie again as she battles with the realization that she is in fact a leader. The last video is a Meesha Media Group production for the broker facilitator UNCFSP, and NASA’s One Stop Shop Initiative.

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